To Air or not to Air?

So, we had Apples WWDC keynote yesterday. I´ll not comment on iOS7, given my move to an Android Nexus 4 device lately. But Apple not only showed the new mobile OS, but also brought new versions of the MacBook Airs to the stores. Which brings me directly to my current problem: Should I get one of these?

My current 15″ mid 2010 non-retina non-SSD MacBook Pro keeps randomly crashing and rebooting. Over the last weeks it got so bad that it´ll restart at least twice a day. I was unable to figure any trigger yet, sometimes it just happens while I´m reading something. I already installed the OS all new, to no avail. Luckily all that cloud-stuff and related autosaving and autosyncing made me not lose any work yet, but nevertheless the behavior is annoying. One likes to trust its work machine and not flinch at every keystroke. So at some point in the not-so-far future it´ll be replaced. But are the new Airs the right machines for my needs?

I´d figured that my needs are actually not too far out: The beefiest software I run regularly are Photoshop and Illustrator. I tried some video editing with After Effects, but it melted my old laptop right through the desk. No problem, as video editing is not really part of my daily work. Other then that its just an email-client, Keynote and Pages. Sad, isn’t it?

So just from raw speed and power I was convinced by coworkers that an Air would be more then sufficient. But, but, but… the screen. Obviously a retina screen is something I totally want. I tried over the last year to avoid even looking at the shiny new Retina MBPs around me in the office daily, to not get used to them. My silent hope was that the Air line of laptops would get a retina display as well.

Well, Apple crushed that hope. Might be that without a discrete graphic card the new Intel Haswell based internal graphic card would´ve just not been able to fuel a retina display. Might be that a retina display would´ve severely reduced the battery uptime. Might even be that Apple wants people who need a retina display to buy the MacBook Pro. Who knows?

But this still leaves me with the question “What do?”. Should I keep using my somewhat erratic mid 2010 until the update for the Retina MBP hopefully arrives sometime in autumn? Or jump ship and switch to an Air? Analysis paralysis

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