Why I probably will switch back to iOS

Roughly six weeks ago I switched my iPhone5 with iOS6 on it for a spanking brand-new Nexus4. I was getting way too bored with the iOS of yesterday and neither Blackberry10 nor Windows Phone have proven themselves to be realistic alternatives. After doing some research for a low end price, high end specs Android device I found only praise for the Nexus4. What finally got me was the promise of not having to deal with any bloatware at all due to getting the “Vanilla Android” as Google has envisioned it. I also thought that getting intimate user knowledge of Android would help me professionally. Finally my company recently switched to Google Apps, so I had lots of my stuff already within Googles services anyway.

First days were a blast: Customizing home screens, fiddling with launchers, being awed by the share dialog, unzipping zips, playing Pokemon with a Game Boy emulator, surfing .onion sites, having my Bitcoin wallet with me and last, but not least, playing Ingress.

Now, why am I considering switching back?

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To Air or not to Air?

So, we had Apples WWDC keynote yesterday. I´ll not comment on iOS7, given my move to an Android Nexus 4 device lately. But Apple not only showed the new mobile OS, but also brought new versions of the MacBook Airs to the stores. Which brings me directly to my current problem: Should I get one of these?

My current 15″ mid 2010 non-retina non-SSD MacBook Pro keeps randomly crashing and rebooting. Over the last weeks it got so bad that it´ll restart at least twice a day. I was unable to figure any trigger yet, sometimes it just happens while I´m reading something. I already installed the OS all new, to no avail. Luckily all that cloud-stuff and related autosaving and autosyncing made me not lose any work yet, but nevertheless the behavior is annoying. One likes to trust its work machine and not flinch at every keystroke. So at some point in the not-so-far future it´ll be replaced. But are the new Airs the right machines for my needs?

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