I was in London again. And I still think it’s a gorgeous city. The first thing I saw when jumping out of the tube was a horse chariot, nicely done in red and gold. The last thing was that cavalry troop:


History is just everywhere around you. I learned that nowadays the lodges at the Kensington Garden gates are rented by Russian oligarchs for 1k £ a week. Now I have a new goal in life: live in one of these lodges for at least half a year.

I spent yesterdays evening at the residence of the finnish ambassador in UK, joining a Futurice event. We had the first Royal AfterWork and it was good. Interesting speakers, interesting audience and the traditionally great finnish food. Unfortunately I haven’t had any time to do something else besides that stroll through Kensington Gardens.

And btw the weather is great in London, warm and sunny. I’m not looking forward to flying back to Berlin.

30th birthday in Venice

So, looks like I´m officially old by now. Spent a great weekend with the wife in Venice and turned 30 at the same time. Well, well… But actually I don´t feel any different at all. I was told that all hangovers, little pains and Zipperlein can from now on be blamed on the age.

Venice was really nice, although friggin expensive. But still: Would recommend!