iOS gaming status quo and outlook part 1: “Deus Ex: The Fall”

Two remarkable iOS games have been released within the last weeks. Take Two Interactive ported their round based tactical “Game of the Year 2012” winner “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” to iOS and Square Enix brought the Deus Ex series with the standalone title “Deus Ex: The Fall” to mobile. Both IPs are well regarded in the gaming community and have been successful on other platforms as well. And both of them approach mobile gaming wildly different.

I´d like to describe both of them briefly and then speculate on their meaning for iOS as a gaming platform. For ease of reading and to force myself to update that thing here more frequently I´ll split this up in three pieces.

Lets start with the similarities: Both titles are definitely AAA titles, at least for the iOS platform. The production value seems high. Both have very nice graphics, both offer cutscenes, have deep and engaging gameplay compared to your everyday iOS game, both run sufficiently fluent on my devices (iPhone 5 iOS7beta3 and iPad3 iOS6).

Now to some more details about “Deus Ex: The Fall“:

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